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Lauren Scheuneman

Favorite Workout: Solidcore & SoulCycle, I absolutely LOVE nature walks when the weather is nice, walking is meditative for me!
Favorite Healthy Treat: fruit with almond butter, dipped in dark chocolate with sea salt!
Relaxation Essentials: Time in nature, screenfree time to turn my brain off, cooking nourishing meals
Favorite Vacation Spots: anywhere with a beach and sunshine!

How I Became a Health Coach

My journey into the health and wellness space began in college when I started working the front desk at a local boutique fitness studio. Prior to this role, group fitness always seemed a bit daunting to me, I didn't want to be told "how" to work out, but this quickly changed! I fell in love with the environment and community aspect of the studio, and loved connecting with and engaging with members. 

 Upon graduation, I started my first full-time role in the paid media industry and continued to work in group fitness front desk roles part time. I found myself missing this component in my day-to-day commute to the office, and decided to join a studio close to the office to allow me to take time for myself prior to starting the work day. I found that on the days when I would wake up at 4am to take a class prior to beginning the work day, I was MUCH more fulfilled and showed up as a better version of myself at work. I attributed this mainly to the workout alone and didn't initially see how much the community aspect truly meant to me, until the pandemic happened and everything changed. 

My schedule was incredibly busy. I was burnt out. Working remotely when the lockdown first occurred was a much-needed reset to force me to stop rushing around. However, I found myself without the things that truly filled my cup. I began to explore other areas of the wellness space, and became extremely interested in all the nourishing properties of different foods. With more time in the day, I was able to use this time to prepare meals using ingredients that had different nutrient benefits. I began to realize how important the "360 approach" is in wellness. One cannot truly be "well" if they are only considering fitness, nutrition, fulfillment, environment, or community in silos. All of these factors are incredibly important to address together, and all were factors that were harder than ever to address during a period of lockdown and isolation. 

 I decided to enroll in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to obtain my health coaching certification in order to help others address seemingly impossible situations. I think we are all our best selves and do our best work when we are doing so with passion, and are able to use our own stories to serve others. 


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