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Lucy Chambers

Favorite Workout: SLT Megaformer and Bands at AKT!  
Favorite Healthy Treats: Salted Almond butter and sliced peaches (sounds disgusting but it’s delicious!)
Relaxation Essentials: long outdoor walks, yoga, swimming in the ocean (I am a water sign so anything near or in water!)
Favorite Vacation Spots: Paris

How I Became a Health Coach

 Fitness was always a passion of mine starting from the time I was in elementary school. As an anxious child, I always noticed how much better I felt after a morning swim team practice or dance class. Once I discovered aerobics in Junior High I was hooked, getting my first certification as a teenager.  I later taught aerobics and sculpting classes in college. 

 As a dancer, I was always very conscious of my body and shape, which eventually lead to an eating disorder. My journey out of disordered eating had its ups and downs, but once I realized healthy eating was the foundation of physical, mental, and emotional wellness, things got easier, and I learned to finally trust my body. 

As a veteran fitness instructor with over 25 years of teaching experience, I have seen so many people struggle with their weight and their relationship with food and exercise. Once I realized it did not have to be a battle and could instead be a mutually beneficial relationship, I knew I had to help others find this wonderful balance.  

Upon my second personal training certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I decided I wanted to delve deeper into Nutrition and obtained my Nutrition Coaching Certification through NASM. This taught me so much not only about nutrition itself and how food affects the body, but also about human behavior, and how social influences, stress, and psychological elements affect peoples’ food choices. 

I am excited to share what I have learned both in my training and my personal experience to help others achieve health, happiness, and peace with food and their bodies.  


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