Megan Zimak

Favorite Workout: Vinyasa yoga, Melissa Wood Health, and Body by Simone
Favorite Healthy Treat: ChocZero Keto Bark and Anything by Siete Foods
Favorite Indulgence: any spa treatment at Amanpuri (Phuket)
Relaxation Essentials: CBD tincture, my infrared sauna pod, and daily Transcendental Meditation

How I Became a Health Coach

As a teenage girl growing up in the world of competitive dance, I become acutely aware at a very young age about how the food choices we make each day affect every aspect of our physical, mental and emotional well-being. However, I also experienced the occasional dark side of the sport—the overemphasis on thinness and physical appearance with little concern for overall health, friends with extreme body dysmorphia/distorted body image, and in a few instances, peers sent to clinics or rehab centers with an anorexia or bulimia diagnosis. At that time, there was very little focus placed on the importance of a balanced diet, proper portions, and eating whole, real foods that nourish your body from the inside, out. It felt like nearly all the information about healthy eating was centered on either consuming only “diet” products (ie/highly processed, “fat-free” Frankenfoods) or adhering to the grossly inaccurate USDA-designed food pyramid, neither of which made much sense to me.  I constantly struggled to find a balance between maintaining my “ballerina body” (or the traditional image of what that should look like), appreciating and loving my own reflection in the mirror, and at the same time feeling energized, healthy and strong.

Upon graduating High School, I chose not to pursue a career in professional dance, and instead enrolled as a Communications/Journalism major at the University of Florida.  As it turned out, college (and particularly sorority) life was just as (if not more so) fraught with eating disorders, fad diets, distorted body image and “treating one’s body like a trash receptacle”. Navigating this minefield was daunting to say the least.  There was a significant lack of healthy options to choose from on campus, so regular meals often left me feeling unsatisfied, sluggish, and even nauseous. I relied on bottled coffee drinks and protein bars (often containing the words “slim” or “skinny”) for breakfast, sugar-loaded smoothies for lunch, and plain pasta (fat free! Ugh) from the food court for dinner.  Nights out consisted of too much alcohol (frozen margs, midori sours and rum punch, oh my!) and bedtimes at what should be wake-times, only to start the vicious cycle all over again the next day. Any of this sounding familiar so far? Unfortunately, even though I was aware of the damage I was causing to my body, I still believed I was too young and invincible to experience the negative side effects, or actually even care when I did.

This toxic pattern continued into my early 20’s, while working in the luxury beauty industry in NYC.  However, it eventually took its toll, and I was diagnosed with mono.  Not only was my physical body failing me, but my mental and emotional health began to falter as well. My corporate job felt incredibly unrewarding—certainly not one on which I intended to build a career–and I was surrounded by many people who were uninterested in (and occasionally even unsupportive of) making any radical changes to their diets or lifestyles. It was then that I realized I needed to re-evaluate my priorities, take a serious look inward, and decide what I really wanted for my future.

I started practicing yoga religiously, adopted a vegan diet, put an end to the late night drinking (and eating), and purged the negative enablers from my life.  During this time, I discovered that two of my greatest passions in life were wellness/nutrition, and helping others. I soon met my (future) husband, and with his unwavering support, went back to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I eventually started my own practice as a Holistic Health + Wellness Counselor—helping women of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes learn to replace unhealthy habits (late night eating, too much sugar/caffeine, crash diets, emotional binges followed by guilt and deprivation, etc) with ones that served them physically, mentally and socially.  In turn, they found themselves achieving goals they never imagined possible, and looking and feeling like their most youthful, energized and fabulous selves. I knew quickly that my true calling (along with being a wife and Mommy) was to continue educating, motivating and inspiring women across the country to realize their ultimate wellness potential—creating a ripple effect of health with the power of real, whole food.

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