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Meghan Naso

Favorite workout: Cardio Kickboxing & Warrior Sculpt at Lifetime Fitness
Favorite Healthy Treats: Lesser Evil Popcorn
Relaxation Essentials: Spa treatments, Vena CBD
Favorite Vacation Spots: Skiing (anywhere), Turks & Caicos, Long Beach Island

How I Became a Health Coach

I grew up as the eldest of four children to parents of the Baby Boomer generation. My mother loved being in the kitchen, but when feeding a family of six, ease and convenience were paramount. I credit her tremendously for instilling a passion for cooking, and for teaching me the importance and value of homemade meals. However, what I serve my family today looks much different from the dinners of my childhood in the 1980’s.  

My interest in fitness began in my early twenties while living in New York City and attending The Fashion Institute of Technology. I could not afford a gym membership at the time, so I took up running along the West Side Highway. The beautiful views of the Hudson River and the NYC skyline kept me motivated and inspired every day. Eventually, I joined the Sports Club of LA and discovered niche workouts that continued to fuel my newfound love of exercise.  

During this time my mother was dealing with some cardiovascular health issues. Watching her recover from a very serious surgery made me start to think more seriously about my personal food choices and the role that nutrition plays in overall health. I made it my mission to clean up my diet to help ensure a similar fate was not preordained.  

In 2011, I became a mom myself. We moved to the suburbs of New Jersey when my daughter was one - a huge change from active city life. We immediately joined Lifetime Fitness as a family so that she could go to daycare while I worked out. In 2018, I had my fourth child. I was turning 40 that year which was a huge motivator to lose the baby weight and get back into shape as soon as possible. I made some serious food changes and was amazed at how quickly I saw the results. 

 2020 was a scary time for all of us as we faced a pandemic. For me, it was yet another reminder of how important it is to prioritize health and wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional. I enrolled in the Dr Sears Wellness Institute and became a Certified Health Coach (CHC) with a focus on families and seniors. The Family Education portion focused on key nutrients and dietary modifications that will enhance the way the entire family plays, thinks and lives. The Seniors subject matter centers on providing a roadmap to a shorter disease-span and longer lifespan. 

 I am so happy to be a part of the Sugar Snap Shift team- pursuing my passion for wellness and helping others achieve all of their health and weight-loss goals.