Nomi Mercado

Favorite workout: Trampoline Fitness
Relaxation Essentials: Spa treatments, Vena CBD
Fun Facts: Was a D1 Swimmer and Lived in Hawaii for 3 years

About Nomi

Nomi is the owner of Well-Come Back Services where she provides personalized Massage and Movement services within your personal environment. She believes Self-Care can come in multiple forms and all these forms are inseparably connected to each other, or as Nomi likes to say it “a piece to the puzzle”.  Focusing on reducing stress and breaking physical and emotional pain cycles, allows more opportunities to conquer the different stages of life and hit personal goals! 

She is very excited to join Sugar Snap Shift and expand on her modalities to properly fuel one’s body with a thought-out plan of action to hit nutritional goals to complement your lifestyle, health and well-being. Clinical Massage Therapist with NCBTMB since 2011. 

Fitness Instructor with NASM certification since 2013.  
Real Estate Agent with the Pollock Properties Group of KW since 2020.