RM HEALTH + WELLNESS is NOW SUGAR SNAP SHIFT! Same coaches, same program- new look!

Our Signature Men's Program

Our Program- Adapted for Men

Our signature program revised for men- increased protein and healthy fats and additional snack options.

Support 7 Days a Week

There is no cheating or falling off the wagon when we are there holding you accountable every day.

You're Busy and We Get It

We will help you plan ahead for busy days, travel, social obligations or anytime you typically fall into bad habits.

Answers to


1 Is your program Keto, Atkins, Paleo or something else I may have heard of?
In short, no. Our proprietary S3 Men's program includes fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. We avoid gluten, grains and dairy.
2 Can I drink alcohol or eat out on your plan?
The first ten days of all of our programs are free of alcohol and we ask that you avoid eating out. After the first ten days we do allow alcohol in moderation and one treat meal a week (which is planned with us in advance and not "off the rails")
3 Do you work with couples?
We have worked with couples and we love it! It's simple as the allowed foods are similar, but portion sizes are different. We've found that couples are vey successful and often the whole family eats better as a result! Ask us about couples discounts.
4 Which program is right for me?
If you have fewer than 10 pounds to lose, you may do one of our 28 day programs. If you have more than 10 pounds to lose we ask that you choose our 10 week Total Transformation. You may continue on a month to month basis once you finish either program, if you would like.
5 What are the workout requirements?
We do require you workout 5 days a week, but you are free to choose what you enjoy. Tennis, running and weight training are favorites of our male clients. We do make suggestions for home programs we like for men.
6 What sort of support do you provide?
We provide everything- meal plans, shopping lists, recipes and tips to make it easier. Each program has multiple phases where we layer in additional foods and recipes. Once you hit goal you receive our LIVE booklet, with shopping lists, tips and tricks to make your change a life long one. We also provide 7 day a week accountability and support. First time in the morning you'll receive a text from us asking for your morning weigh in and helping you plan your day. Throughout the day you send us your meals, proof of workout and any questions you have. At a restaurant or the grocery store with a question? We are just a text away.
7 What are the next steps if I sign up?
Once you sign up and we receive payment we contact you to confirm your desired start date. We will send you a link to our Client Intake Form and Non Disclosure Agreement/Liability Waiver. After we receive both we will prepare your program booklet and personalized recommended supplement list. We will be on call as you prepare for your start by shopping, clearing out your pantry and planning your workouts!

S3 Mens

Personal Coaching: Ten Week Total Transformation

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Our Signature Program for Success. Our 10 week program is divided into four phases, with an option to continue on...
Personal Coaching: Ten Week Total Transformation
Personal Coaching: Ten Week Total Transformation
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