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Tiffany Levato

Favorite Workout: Zumba, Kickboxing, HIIT and Barre
Favorite Healthy Treats: Choczero chocolate, Siete Chips and Boom Chicka Pop popcorn
Relaxation Essentials: infrared sauna, CBD supplements and long walks outside
Favorite Vacation Spots: Bora Bora, Tuscany, Rosewood Baha Mar and Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

How I Became a Health Coach

I grew up in an Eastern European household where dairy, meat and potatoes were a part of every meal. Kielbasa sandwiches, pierogies and whole milk ice cream were the daily norm for me. Since my mother was a single parent working multiple jobs, my Polish grandmother would often cook for us. Her cooking was delicious but not the healthiest. When my grandmother wasn’t cooking, we did takeout from fast food restaurants. Healthy and nutritious meals were never an option, and I became overweight at a very young age.  

As I got older, my mother enrolled me in dance classes. We lived in a high crime area in Queens and dance was a way to keep me busy and off the streets. I took dance classes every day until I graduated high school and I LOVED it. Dance is still my number one outlet for stress relief and exercise. As a young dancer, I constantly evaluated and compared my body to others. I wanted to be thin no matter what it took to get there. I tried every fad diet. I would starve myself one day and overeat the next. In high school my lunch was often a tomato cucumber sandwich on toast - no protein in sight. Never having learned about proper nutrition - I thought I was eating "healthy". It’s amazing how I had any energy for dance or schoolwork!

 I continued my unhealthy dieting in college and law school. Dinners were always plain pasta. Protein and healthy fats were rarely part of my diet. My life as an attorney in Manhattan consisted of late nights, early mornings, endless caffeine and no exercise. Meals were grab and go, eat at your desk processed, packaged foods. I married another attorney who also had long work hours. When we moved to the suburbs, the glove compartment in our car was overloaded with restaurant menus - we would order takeout every night when we got off the train. 

After eight years working in Manhattan law firms, I stopped practicing law to help take care of my immune compromised mom. Soon thereafter I had my children and focused on being a mom. Losing the baby weight after my second child was difficult. I tried Weight Watchers and Atkins and other gimmicky diets. I would lose the weight for awhile but quickly gain it back and more. I started over exercising and that didn’t help either. I had no idea what I was doing and nothing was working.

In 2018, Megan and Robyn attended my holiday cookie party. They began discussing their love of nutrition and clean eating and their respective backgrounds in coaching. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my party was where their coaching company was born.  

Searching for a way to lose weight in a sustainable way, I began their program in 2019 and fell in love with the results. The weight came off and stayed off. I was sleeping better, my energy was up and I felt great in my clothes. Finally I had found a program that worked, and more importantly, that I enjoyed. I stayed on the program while on vacations and while quarantining during the Covid-19 pandemic. The life changing aspect truly has been how sustainable this program has been for me. Never do I feel hungry or deprived. I learned how to swap out store bought processed snacks with homemade healthier versions. I love experimenting with recipes and learned so many quick and easy meals my whole family enjoys. My husband and kids have reaped the benefits.  

When I found out that Megan and Robyn were hiring coaches, I knew I wanted to join the team and help others learn this lifestyle as I have. After completing all four phases of the Sugar Snap Shift program, I trained under Robyn and Megan to learn how to support clients as they learn to eat cleanly in a way they can maintain for life. Having been there myself as a client, I can easily empathize with their struggles and joys as they navigate this change. To further my nutritional knowlegde, I obtained my  Certificate in Nutrition program at the Stanford Center for Health Education in 2021.  

The program that Megan and Robyn developed works for everyone because of the daily support they provide to make this a lifestyle, not a diet. I love helping others make the change to eating whole, clean foods as I have. Nothing is more rewarding than helping clients feel better, look better, and become the most healthy version of themselves!  

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