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What You Get

Accountability Coaching

Individual Accountability Coaching Is Designed for Weight Loss Success


Our Individual Coaching Programs operate on a Phased approach. We start off with a diet designed to kick-start weight loss and rid your body of processed foods. As you progress we gradually phase in additional foods and recipes and monitor how your body responds

Daily Accountability

No hiding!  Your coaches check in with you EVERY DAY multiple times a day.  We make you send proof of every meal, every snack, and every workout. Yes, it's a lot, but that's why it works.

On Demand Support

Dedicated text support 7 days a week. We start every day with a proactive text to check in and plan the day, and then check in throughout the day to monitor your meals and make sure you stay on track. At a restaurant or the grocery store and have a question? We are available.


While the core program remains the same, in our individual programs we provide daily monitoring, recommendations and adjustments to your diet as we see what works for you- and what you enjoy! Once we know what you like, we often send recipes we think you'll love!

Each Phase Packet Contains


We give you complete meal plans and snack options with plenty of variety to keep it interesting! 


We take the guesswork out of confusing food labels and give you recommended brands to purchase.  Clients often text us from the grocery store and we help them track down delicious healthy options.


Each phase includes plenty of compliant, simple and delicious recipes. Plus, once we know your favorite foods, we'll send recipes we know you'll love!


We provide everything! Tips to be successful, products and supplements we love, ideas for workouts and more!

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Daily Support

You'll start every day with a text from us to help you plan your meals and workout. We check in throughout the day to ensure you stay on track, despite life’s challenges. Your coaches are available 7 days a week to answer questions and concerns, provide support, and give guidance for dining out, “treat meals” and other special occasions. Text us restaurant menus, food labels, recipes you want to modify- we are your own personal weight loss coaches in your back pocket!

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Total Wellness Monitoring

The scale is only part of the picture. We check in regularly on all aspects of your health—digestion, sleep, energy levels and more—to ensure you feel your absolute best! We realize no two people are exactly alike, so we adjust your plan throughout the program to help you suceed.

We're ready if you are.


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