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Personal Coaching: 28 Day Tune Up

Personal Coaching: 28 Day Tune Up

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For Clients with Fewer than 10 pounds to lose, or those who just want to take control of their eating habits, we offer our 28 Day Tune Up.  Perfect for an upcoming event or vacation, or just to shed unwanted winter weight before summertime!

This program provides one on one individual support.  You have two dedicated coaches checking in on you multiple times a day. We hold you completely accountable and support you every day!

**Your goal weight must meet CDC guidelines for normal BMI

Our 28 Day Tune Up is divided into two phases, with an option to continue on our month-to-month Maintenance Program.

Each of the two Phase Packets Include:

    • detailed meal plan, with options and serving sizes

    • A customized vitamin and supplement list to address your health concerns and support your weight loss

    • A pre-program shopping list, with recommended brands and ingredients to avoid

    • Tips for success– including how to order out at restaurants and ways to set yourself up for success

    • Phase-compliant, delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes

Daily Check-Ins and Support

We check in multiple times daily via text message to ensure you are staying on track with your meal and fitness plans, and to hold you accountable for your daily goals.

On Demand Guidance

We are available seven days a week via text message or email to answer questions and concerns, provide support and motivation, and give guidance for dining out, “cheat days” and other special occasions.  Text us restaurant menus, questions and concerns- we are available to help!

Total Wellness Monitoring

We will check in regularly on all other indicators of health—digestion, sleep, energy levels, menstrual cycles and more—to ensure you are achieving overall wellness.

Ongoing Adjustments

We adjust your program based off how your body responds to certain foods, and also what types of foods you enjoy eating!



In order to begin coaching, we require a signed NDA and Contract, Commitment Agreement, and Client Intake Form. No client will be allowed to begin coaching without all required paperwork.

You must be healthy enough to participate in the program and regular cardiovascular activity.

Program fees are Non-Refundable once the program has begun.  In case of a need to pause your program before completion due to medical or other circumstances, we will provide credit for the unused portion of your program which you can use at a later date, or transfer to a friend.

Our coaching is done exclusively via text message and email- we do not provide in person meetings or phone sessions.  No waiting for appointments- we are available 7 days a week.

All participants are provided with information which is to be kept strictly confidential. As such, participants agree not to share, in any manner, the diet and fitness plan provided. This includes but is not limited to diet plans, recipes, suggested supplements, and exercise advice